We received a few questions after our first “Cut Flower Chronicles” post so we thought we would follow up with some additional information for those who are interested in winter sowing. 

Winter sowing can be very tricky and quite the gamble compared to other methods (like the milk jug method we spoke of in our last post). There are only a few flowers that enjoy being sown in the winter weather and leaving them exposed to the erratic conditions of late winter/ early spring makes their survival especially uncertain.

When we last visited, Susannah and I had bundled up, braved the cold and sprinkled poppy seeds in a designated patch within our garden. The chilly proof is in the pictures below. This was only a day or two before a huge downpour and a temperature plunge that left everything in a deep freeze. It is really no surprise that the seeds are still tucked away and sleeping soundly. I will report back in another few weeks with their status.

To better understand when your seeds would like to be sown, it is best to review the back of the seed packet. The seed company takes great care to give you the proper information that will give you the best success. 

Kathie has also compiled a very handy list of which seeds to plant, organized by timeframe from our last frost date. That list can be found here. In Missouri, April 15th (tax day, woot woot) is the average last frost date. This is the date to use when counting backwards on the calendar for seed starting. All of the seeds mentioned on the list (and many more) are available for purchase on the seed racks at Bowood.

For additional information about winter sowing, we have found www.wintersown.org to be a helpful resource.

We hope this provides a little more insight into the planning of your seed starting. We would love to hear what you are planting this year! Please let us know in the comment section below! 


  • Sarah says:

    I’m growing Sweet Pea ‘Black Knight’ in my first ever cutting garden!

  • Oliver says:

    This is our first year doing a cut flower garden. We will be growing the following from seed:
    1) Giant Swiss Blend Strawflower
    2) Black Knight Scabiosa
    3) Cactus Flower Blend Zinnia
    4) Diablo Cosmos
    5) Sea Shells Blend Cosmos
    6) Miss Jekyll Blend Love-In-A-Mist
    7) Green Mist Ammi
    8) Dara Ammi
    9) Utrecht Blue Wheat
    10) Amish Rainbow Blend Broom Corn