Hellebores are like spring’s official welcoming committee and we find ourselves searching desperately for their sweet, familiar foliage as winter draws to a close each year. While most everything else is asleep in the garden, they quietly make their debut. Their lush, mounded foliage with bashful, downward facing blooms in every shade of white, blush and deep crimson make them the most delightful way to ease into spring.

We are professing our love for this early spring bloomer by resharing a lecture on Hellebores that we held in our studio several springs ago. We hope that you will enjoy the glimpse at the many varieties of Hellebores, care and maintenance and our tips on how to successfully cut and collect these beauties for your first spring flower arrangements.

Set aside some time this weekend to take a walk, discover them in the flowerbeds throughout your neighborhood and admire their rich color!


March Featured Foliage: Hellebore

Cut Flower Water Recipe

Inspired to grow your own Hellebores?

We have several Bowood farm-grown varieties that are available in store now!

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