We’re happy to report that, after what seemed to be the longest winter on record, spring has sprung. And with that the sweet peas are starting to emerge from the soil and our poppies have somehow made it through the torrential downpours and hard frost of late winter. The poppies (seen in photos bottom left and center) actually came in so thick that Susannah was meticulously thinning them as I watched in disbelief. She assured me that they needed more room so they wouldn’t be crowded out and this would be better for the plants as they grow.

Today a shipment of scabiosa made its way down from the farm alongside a few trays of dianthus. These seeds were started on our farm several weeks ago and under the care of our head grower, Christine, have grown into strong little plants in the greenhouse. Now they are ready for the “real world” and to make their home in our cut flower garden. Sarah and Susannah laid out the plants according to their original garden design plan then got to work.

We’re keeping our eyes on the poppies and the nigella. According to Susannah, those will be our earliest bloomers and should start producing blooms about mid May. With all of these “spring rains” we should be in for a real treat! Stay tuned!