By Amy Woods
of Amy Woods Watercolor

Professionally this time has been really interesting and forced me to do some things I wouldn’t have done a couple of months ago.  I taught and still am teaching virtual watercolor classes through Zoom which not only have kept me afloat but also have really been quite encouraging.  When you see a community of people coming together to create art ,there is something beautiful and uplifting even if it’s not in person.

This time in quarantine has really made it abundantly clear that community is important, necessary not only for our emotional health but for our spiritual and creative being as well.  We need that space, that time, that moment to explore and feed our creative interests.  Very few places do this as well as Bowood Farms and all their events.  And this time has only cemented the value of classroom workshops I teach there, not just because you learn to paint, but painting and learning together in community is encouraging.

I look forward to returning to my teaching home at Bowood surrounded by people who desire to create beauty through craft and art.  It makes sense that a nursery knows how to do that well.  Planting seeds, caring, cultivating and patiently waiting for these plants and flowers to blossom and be the best they can be, then out into the world they go to make their own little corner of the world beautiful.  Well, I think Bowood does that for people, too.  It’s really exciting to see the seed of creativity being planted in individuals at the Bowood workshops.  I know for my classes I’ve seen some amazing growth in my watercolor students.

I look forward to teaching watercolors again soon in the studio – full of light and lots of flowers.  In the meantime, I’m finishing up my Chinoiserie (blue and white china) series and moving to peonies.  More original work will be listed on both my website and Etsy shop.  And I plan on teaching my kids focused virtual watercolor classes throughout the summer on Wednesday afternoons.

See you soon and all the best,


A Note From Our Studio

We have a lot of wonderful Amy Woods watercolor classes to look forward to when the studio reopens. Weekend classes with in-depth studies of olive trees, zinnias, petunias, cosmos, and vegetables. A Bowood favorite, the Watercolor in the Garden series, will be a staple on Wednesday mornings again. And a new addition to our schedule, the watercolor cardmaking class is a fun, creative way to stay connected to your friends.

In the meantime, check out Amy’s website here for information on her Zoom classes, or check out her Etsy shop here to find a beautiful Amy Woods original for your home.
And thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for your
patience and continued support for our studio and Bowood as a whole.
We could not get through this without you.