Flying Flowers

Journal Entry by Kathie Hoyer – May 4, 2020

We are blessed every summer here at Bowood not only by flowering annuals and perennials but by the butterflies and moths that come to visit them. Alighting on our hats, elbows and watering wands, they lighten our hearts as we watch them delicately tasting the nectar or skittering around looking for more. We also get to watch the voracious caterpillars and occasionally find a chrysalis or two hanging from the plant benches.

A successful butterfly garden is a habitat for all stages of the butterflies and moths that we love to watch: larvae food, safe spaces for caterpillars and cocoons, as well as nectar and shelter for the adults. To get you started, here’s An Essential List of flowers to select and add to your garden. The Butterfly Gardens: Flying Flowers Tip Sheet will help you to improve your garden into a welcoming habitat and the Butterfly and Moth Plant List Tip Sheet will give you more ideas for plants, including trees and shrubs.

Use the links below to help plan:
Butterfly Gardens
Butterfly Gardens – An Essential List

Make a Mini-Meadow for the Butterflies