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Field Notes

Fern Kokedama

By June 13, 2020March 3rd, 2021No Comments

By Anne Berman

We have put together a tutorial on how to create beautiful Japanese-style moss plantings
called Kokedamas with ferns. This distinctive planting style is comprised of a plant
surrounded by a soil mixture, wrapped in lush green moss and then secured with twine. In
this tutorial you will learn how to make a fern Kokedamas using just a few simple supplies.
These are perfect for hanging in a window or displaying on a table in a dish or tray.

Here is the link to the tutorial:
Fern Kokedama PDF

Here is a link to Ferns and Moss that we have available and that you will need for this project:

Heart Fern
Birdnest Fern
Rabbits Foot Fern
Crispy Wave Fern
Rosy Maiden Hair Fern

Moss: Sheet Moss

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