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by Kathie Hoyer – March 25, 2021


Lately it seems I’ve been given a lot of advice on the “8th wonder of the world” which is compounding interest. Sadly, most of the experts begin with a sentence like “if you had started at the age of 22…” and then end with the kicker – “there’s no time to waste, get started sooner rather than later,” since compounding interest is similar to the other 7 wonders in that the actions of ancient wealth were necessary for them as well. I didn’t really enjoy any of this until I read an article that brought in the idea of “compounding knowledge” and “exponential goodwill.” Every book you read builds on your previous knowledge, every experience expands your personal growth exponentially, and every time you help someone else, your network grows, and your “social capital” expands outward. Of course, that got me to thinking about gardens…well, doesn’t everything? So, this is all just to say, why not –

Dahlias: Talk about compounding interest beauty!

After attending Christine O’Brien’s virtual class Growing Dahlias at Home yesterday, I think I know more about them – at least more than I know about investment banking! Not only are Dahlias captivating in all their glorious variations of form and color, they are deer-resistant and, while creating all that easy elegance above ground, they are growing exponentially underground! One tuber planted this spring will easily yield 7-8 new tubers by the time you dig them up after the first cold snap of fall.

As the experts say:

“The sooner you start saving and investing for retirement planting dahlias,

the more time you’ll have to take advantage of the power of compounding.

It’s too good to put off – it’s free money floral magic in a way.”

Dahlia tubers are here…just click Plants/Bulbs on