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Check out this week’s delivery of Bowood Grown plants!
Visit to order ahead for curbside pick up or local delivery. You can also click on an individual item below and it will take you right to their website page. If you have questions about your order please email .

Store Hours
Tuesday – Saturday 9:00 – 4:00
Sunday 9:00 – 3:00

Let’s get planting!

This week’s delivery from Clarksville includes:

Ageratum ‘Sky Blue’ 4”
Bacopa ‘Gulliver Blue’ 4”
Bacopa ‘Gulliver White’ 4”
Calibrachoa ‘Blizzard’ 4”
Calibrachoa ‘Eclipse Lilac’ 4”
Calibrachoa ‘Kona Dark Red’ 4”
Calibrachoa ‘Lemon’ 4”
Calibrachoa ‘Mango’ 4”
Calibrachoa ‘Papaya’ 4”
Calibrachoa ‘Pink Lace’ 4”
Calibrachoa ‘Plumberry Pop’ 4”
Euphorbia ‘Diamond Frost’ 4”
Nemesia ‘Angelart Peach’ 4”
Nemesia ‘Pinkberry’ 4”
Nemesia ‘Raspberry Lemonade’ 4”
Viola ‘Frizzle Sizzle Mix’ 4”

Lavandula ang ‘Munstead’ 3.5”
Lavandula ang ‘Munstead’ G01
Lavandula x inter ‘Phenomenal’ G01
Lavandula x inter ‘Provence’ 3.5”
Lavandula x inter ‘Provence’ G01
Mentha pip ‘Grapefruit’ 3.5”
Mentha spic ‘Kentucky Colonel’ 3.5”
Mentha x piperita 3.5”
Origanum ‘Hot & Spicy’ 3.5”
Petroselinum crispum 3.5”
Salvia off ‘Berggarten’ 3.5”
Sanguisorba minor 3.5”

Echinacea purpurea Q01
Rudbeckia missouriensis Q01

Achillea ‘Firefly Peach Sky’ G01
Achillea ‘Moonshine’ G01
Ajuga rep ‘Black Scallop’ Q01
Aquilegia ‘Cardinal’ Q01
Aquilegia ‘Goldfinch’ Q01
Brunnera ‘Alexander’s Great’ G01
Brunnera mac ‘Jack Frost’ G01
Calamagrostis ‘Karl Foerster’ #2
Cymbalaria muralis Q01
Dianthus ‘Eternity’ G01
Dianthus ‘Romance’ G01
Dicentra ‘King of Hearts’ Q01
Dicentra spectabilis G01
Festuca ‘Blue Whiskers’ G01
Geranium can ‘Biokovo’ Q01
Geranium can ‘Karmina’ Q01
Geranium mac ‘Bevan’s Variety’ G01
Geum ‘Totally Tangerine’ G01
Helleborus x ‘Ivory Prince’ G01
Heuchera ‘Champagne’ G01
Heuchera ‘Electric Lime’ G01
Heuchera ‘Obsidian’ G01
Heuchera ‘Paris’ G01
Heuchera ‘Shimmer’ Q01
Heuchera ‘Southern Comfort’ G01
Heuchera ‘Sweet Tart’ Q01
Iris pall ‘Albo Variegata’ G01
Lamium mac ‘Ghost’ Q01
Laurentia fluviatilis Q01
Leucanthemum ‘Daisy Duke’ G01
Liriope mus ‘Big Blue’ G01
Lysimachia num ‘Aurea’ Q01
Mazus reptans Q01
Nepeta faas ‘Walkers Low’ G01
Origanum ‘Kent Beauty’ Q01
Phlox sub ‘Blue Emerald’ Q01
Polystichum acrostichoides G01
Pulmonaria ‘Trevi Fountain’ G01
Pulsatilla vulgaris rubra Q01
Sedum ‘Lemonjade’ G01
Sedum spur ‘Glowing Fire’ Q01
Stachys byz ‘Silver Carpet’ G01
Stachys minima Q01
Thalictrum aqui ‘Black Stockings’ G01
Thymus prae ‘Coccineus’ 3.5”

Buddleja ‘Blue Knight’ #2
Buddleja ‘Dark Dynasty’ #2
Buddleja ‘Prince Charming’ #2
Buddleja ‘Queen of Hearts’ #2

Arugula  ‘Apollo’ 6 Pack
Broccoli  ‘Green Magic F1’  6 Pack
Cabbage ‘Caraflex F1’ 6 Pack
Cauliflower ‘Song TJS-65 F1’ 6 Pack
Collard Greens ‘Top Bunch 2.0 F1’ 6 Pack
Kale ‘Black Magic’ 6 pk
Lettuce ‘Cegolaine’ 6 Pack
Lettuce ‘Dragoon’ 6 Pack
Lettuce ‘Revolution’ 6 Pack
Lettuce ‘Rosaine’ 6 Pack
Lettuce ‘Salvius’ 6 Pack
Lettuce ‘Thurinus’ 6 Pack
Radicchio ‘Indigo F1’ 6 Pack
Spinach ‘Seaside F1’ 6 Pk
Swiss Chard ‘Lyon’ 6 Pack
Swiss Chard ‘Ruby Red/Rhubarb’ 6 Pack

Lonicera per ‘Scentsation’ G01