To learn is to grow. Expand your knowledge and your gardening skills with our comprehensive collection of Garden Tip Sheets. Compiled from years of experience by our plant experts, you can explore many topics, from planting and care instructions to plant selection recommendations. Easy to download and print, these insightful tips will help you choose the right plants, provide encouragement, and bring success to your gardening experience.  

General Gardening Information

These information sheets contain tools, tips, and ideas to help you choose the right plants for your garden.

Edible flowers, tangy greens, picante peppers, luscious heirloom tomatoes and mouth-watering squash are all on the menu for 2018!

A list of bee-friendly plants.
Our latest list of perennials that have been proven to thrive in the heat and humidity of St. Louis.

Invite birds to your winter landscape with Bowood's favorite flowers, grasses, vines, trees and shrubs.

Make bird friendly seasonal ornaments for your backyard trees.

Read about the St. Louis Butterfly Project - an initiative for gardens of all sizes - and then come to Bowood for butterfly plants!

Current plants from Bowood Farms which provide food to caterpillars and nectar to butterflies and moths.

Make your garden butterfly friendly!

Is it the latest trend? Or perhaps a return to the classic garden accessory...
How to keep your Christmas wreath,tree,and swags in tip-top shape.

Companion Planting - try it in your fruiting garden!

It's not complicated, and it's an essential part of sustainable gardening.

Favorites for a Cutting Garden from Bowood Farms.

If you love having fresh flowers inside your home, consider planting a Cutting Garden.

Tips on defending your garden from deer.

Tips on deterring rabbits from your garden.

Hachi-niwa, Fairy Gardens, and English Dish Gardens - indoor gardening, anyone?

Healthy pets in harmony with healthy gardens make happy homeowners!

Problem-solving, pro-active products - just say no to chemicals!

The key to plant health and vigor begins with good soil.

Interweave elegant and colorful edible plants with the ornamentals in your garden.

Success with these easy choices may lead you to being hooked on houseplants!

Here are resources shared by Catrina Adams in a recent event.
Efficiency, productivity, and beauty come together perfectly in a French potager!
Use this questionnaire to help define your needs before choosing your plants.

Helpful checklists to prepare for all sorts of gardening projects.

Tips and tricks for growing groundcovers that thrive in the St. Louis climate.

Harvest your own supply of ornamental seedpods, berries, twigs and greens.

Learn to be an expert in providing water for your houseplants.

Living gifts: Poinsettias, Christmas Cactus, Cyclamen, and Ivy Topiaries.

A dozen choices for various types of low light situations.

Here's how to bring the sunshine indoors to keep plants healthy and happy!

Tips on how to measure your garden and figure out how much soil, mulch, & amendments to buy.

Why not grow a little piece of Italy right here in Missouri - with figs, lemons, herbs and vegetables from Bowood!

It was hard to choose, but here are a dozen of our favorite natives.

We've picked a dozen favorite Missouri natives to enhance your home landscaping.

A few tips for an easier transition indoors for both you and your plants.

Perennials are the backbone of your garden. Here's how to plant them right!

Give yourself and your garden some peaceful downtime by following these steps.

Starting plants from seed is an enjoyable and educational activity.

The only way to know if you need to supplement nutrients in your lawn or garden is to have your soil tested.

How to select an appropriate tree for streetside planting, especially when utility lines are present
This list was compiled by St. Louis perennial expert Bill Ruppert.
Make your own topiary shapes using ivy.
We've collected some of our favorite recipes for a delicious Tea Time.
If you like to grow herbs and flowers you'll have your own source for delicious infusions and decoctions.
A plant list for a garden to encourage or honor a breast cancer survivor.

Design considerations and planting guidelines for great container gardening.

How to prepare a site and correctly plant a tree or shrub.

Vegetable gardening begins with what you like to eat! Choose - grow - eat!

A four-season, square-foot garden guide to growing vegetables in central Missouri.

Vines are in renaissance due to the focus on the new trend: Vertical Gardens!
St. Louis has a challenging climate year-round! Here's how to help your plants survive.

Planting & Care Instructions

Starting with great plants from Bowood and then following proper planting and care instructions will help ensure you have a beautiful garden.

Easy-care Astilbe adds color to the summer shade garden.

Pot up bulbs in fall for a spring surprise or get a summer's worth of blooms from spring-planted bulbs.

Cherish a bonsai tree indoors! Tropical is the way to go!

We use this Wikipedia list of aesthetic guidelines in our classes on Bonsai for Indoors.

Boxwood is a classic hedge shrub and a wonderful plant for the landscape.

Challenging and highly satisfying, growing citrus is a treat from flower to fruit!

A lovely vine to bloom and climb!

Colorful Crape Myrtle: from the heat of the summer through the first frost.
Daylilies are an underused but delightful flower to add to your summer garden.

Need a source for luscious fresh figs? Look no further than your own backyard!

Espaliered trees make a unique screen, wall or backdrop for small spaces.

Adding bulbs now will bring cheerful blooms later!

Ferns add variety, texture, and interest to the shade garden.

The "IT" plant of the design world will make a dramatic statement in any room - here's how to keep it thriving and happy.

Norfolk Island Pine, Lemon Cypress, Gardenia and Medinilla - follow these tips for success with these challenging plants

Geraniums are incredibly tough, useful garden perennials.

Have a small place to spare in the garden? Give growing greens a try!

Not only pumpkins but squash and gourds - here's how!

At the end of a weary winter, Hellebore flowers are always a welcome sight.

Sun-loving herbs require little more than snipping for your cooking pot.

Heucheras boast huge variation in leaf color and style as well as delicate summer flowers.

Whether deciduous or evergreen, hollies are year-round garden workhorses.

Hostas come in a multitude of shapes, sizes, textures, and color variation.
Surround your hostas with a variety of perennial companions.

Hydrangeas are the ultimate flowering shrub of summer and there's one to suit every type of garden.

Ferns add a luxurient softness to any indoor setting.

Large, colorful blooms to brighten your winter - lovely, carefree Amaryllis!

Fragrant and fast: a quick fix for the winter doldrums!

Japanese Maples provide year-round color, texture and structure to any garden.

Choose Junipers for evergreen accents both vertical, horizontal, large and small.

Easy instructions for an ancient art form.

As lovely as it is versatile, challenging as it is rewarding!

Learning about turfgrass will help you to have the best lawn ever.

Monthly task list to keep your cool-season grass looking great.

Did you know? Fall is the best time to start or rejuvenate a cool-season lawn.

Monthly task list to keep your warm-season grass looking great.

Sniff a lilac in full bloom on a late spring day and you'll be transported.

Make yourself a forest in a few feet with these tiny trees!

Further details on winter care for miniature and dwarf conifers.

For serenity and calm, there's nothing like a moss garden.

Fascinated by mounted ferns? Make your own!

Warning: Orchids can become habit-forming!

Grass-like plants provide texture, movement, screening and dramatic scale as well as welcoming wildlife to all kinds of gardens.

Add pelargoniums to your indoor garden to bring delight to all your senses.
Bright and colorful, peonies are the herald of summer.

Whether you like them picante or plain, find a place for these elegant plants!

A brief summary of best practices to enjoy this fascinating plant during and beyond the holidays.

These planting tips are provided by the Netherland Bulb Company for the best results in your potato and sweet potato harvests.

Don't be overwhelmed by your roses - here's how to do it right!

Easygoing and fascinating, tropical succulents make great accents for a sunny window.

Sunflowers delight with height and bright color.

Whatever the weather, continue your gardening indoors with a terrarium.

Here's a plant that will add color, texture and flair without any potting soil!

Tomatoes are the conerstone of any vegetable garden.

Hardy Toad lilies send up abundant orchid-like blooms in the fall.

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